10 Facebook trends that need to go right away

It is really weird that my ten year old cousin has more knowledge about Facebook than his mom. This was to imply the influence this social network has had on our lives. From politics update to movie gossip, you don’t need to tune in to news channels anymore. Facebook is the new versatile information center. Having a Facebook account is the new ‘having a girlfriend’ trend that makes you popular – that star of the class and a hit among your peers. 

This social media revolution has made us more obsessed, needy and less productive. Don’t worry, this is not like the lecture our elders give about the generation Y being wrong and wasting their time over the internet. I believe when time changes, you change with it. It is not about being in the rat race; to move forward you need to do something. It may as well be by creating a Facebook account, why not? Let us just do it right, shall we? I have been a Facebooker for four years now and there are a few irritating trends on Facebook that haven’t changed a bit. 

Tagging other people in your solo picture – I mean, what is that all about? Creating new levels of narcissism? Why would you tag your friends on your single pictures? I cannot see any logical reasoning behind this. And unreasonable actions are plain bullshit. Mind it. 

Sharing the ‘Please like and share to save a life’ – If a like could save a life and a share could bring change, the Earth would be heaven and we’d be Gods. Instead of them, Facebook would be worshipped and likes would be rewarded to the people who spread the message. (In case you missed it, this was sarcasm). Duh, give this up already! 

Plz stop tlking lyk dis else u wl b kld 1 day. Wren and Martin would certainly be ashamed of all of us. Not only is this trend annoying to the limits that you would want to slap the person but it is also highly unprofessional. 

Updating your every movement over Facebook – “Now in a restaurant. With friends in Mall. Having fever. Playing cricket. Watching movie. Peeing in the bathroom.” Stop it everyone. It is so irritating. 

Changing profile pictures to old ones to get more likes – Yes, this is the latest trend in the book. What is with you all? Does getting more likes and comments make you feel very good? If your answer is yes, then no point in reading this on. Else, get a life. 

The Game requests – First it was Farmville, now it is Candy Crush Saga. It really hurts when the one notification some people receive in a week is that of a game request. Remember, you have created a new enemy and become the laughing stock of your group.

The DSLR effect – Everyone would agree to this one. Don’t you feel like a slap in your face when you don’t even have a decent profile picture and your friend keeps posting those selfies with their Nikon fucking DSLR in their ‘Through my lens’ album? 

How to hack FB account – That is right. You must have been tagged in one of these spams. Ever wondered why those people tagged you? Are they that dumb or just insanely curious? In any case, keep an eye on them for just in case. 

Privacy Redefined – You are in the 21st century and the technology at your fingertips. Make use of it to keep your privacy. Get your account settings changed accordingly (Poke, Block, Unfollow, Unsubscribe are a few tools that can be used) and STOP complaining about how somebody posted shit on your wall or tagged you in an inappropriate picture. 

Sports tweets – Since the IPL and now FIFA, guys tend to become the ‘Siddhu of Facebook’ by giving comments on every goal or foul or six or wickets. If I wanted these updates, I would switch on the sports channel and watch the match. Also, haven’t you heard of Twitter? 

Addiction to social network is undoubtedly an upsurging trend. We would be fools if we let it get the worst of us when we can be remarkable at exploiting it. If you know people who are in desperate need of guidance to learn the art of social networking, share this article and spread the knowledge. Let us all take the privilege of being on Facebook and being au fait in using it.

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