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Be Dil-Logical !!

When I was 10, I fell in Love. It was so beautiful; felt like Cinderella. When I was 15, I fell inLove again. This time I was so sure-he was the one. But alas..  When I was 20, It happened again. What can I say? I am so loveable I guess!! Story of my life.
A hearty welcome to the Love Week.
Loveis the feeling when all the romantic Bollywood songs seem to have been meant for you. You can’t seem to be apart from your loved one for even a moment. Long hours on the phone make your friends wonder-“ kya baat karte honge?” . Cheesy gifts, adoring attire, special days, fancy dinner, holding hands- all of these make you feel on cloud 9.(the cloud9 drink doesn’t do as much)
I have great respect for people in Love. A salute to them. But after that? The future; right? I find this very immature, foolish and stupid. Its not wrong to be inLove but adding a little logic and practicality wouldn’t do anybody harm. Trust yourself on this. ‘If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans’ is a fact. Why…

GoodBye Blue Sky

The day has eventually come. It had to.

Don't worry people. This is not another prediction about the end of days in 2012. This post is dedicated to all my friends who are sailing in the same boat as me- for all those whose college life will end this summer.

'Rock On' and 'Party abhi baaki hain' jaise songs will no longer relate to us.The chances that we have taken to work with some MNC we will have to dance to its tunes only.College wali 'Zindagi na Milegi Dobara'.So before finally saying Goodbye to the Blue Sky(ies) here are some things that one should certainly do :
Sleep.Sleep.Sleep. Kyonki Din ka chain and Raaton ki neend will be gone forever.Get really really Drunk !! Because this is the last time you will do so without worrying about a hangover.Click as many pictures as u can, coz this will be your best option for an 'Action Replay' .Take a deep breath- and utter as many socially unacceptable words(Slangs) and name calling, coz  while in job it…