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No. I’m not a fan of Avril Lavigne and neither is this post going to educate you about any of ‘that stuff’. This post is dedicated to all those who have one time or the other been Addicted to something (Myself included).
During my early teens and before joining college, there were only two addictions that I had heard about- Drinking and Smoking. In the words of almost everyone’s parents-“They are most vicious vices that anyone can have”. Smoking and Drinking have a limited crowd, but all the parents are unknown to a world of Addiction that exists in a student community. So here I present before you the list of addictions that might be an exciting nightmare of a student’s life.
First and foremost of them is Facebook. Yes, you’ve read it right. For beginners facebooking can be freakishly addictive. I say this with personal experience for about two years now. The likes, comments and friend requests can be very overwhelming. With facebooking you also get used to the horrifying SMS langu…