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What is your New Year Resolution for 2013?

The year 2012 showed us different aspects of the world, society, nation and its people. I wouldn't say 'Cheers' but yes, we've each tried doing our bit in making our lives more meaningful and satisfactory. So here's presenting ten new year resolutions you can make for making your 2013 a more amazing, fun, relaxing and significantly momentous. Let us all welcome 2013 with a smile on our faces - at least we managed to defeat the Mayans. :)

Mixed Feelings - The Inhuman state of our Nation


I've heard, seen, read, argued and thought too much now. I am fed up - of all the pity and sympathy, of all the blames, of all the discrimination.

Magical Chords - the beauty of Music

When I think of music, I remember the times when I rejoiced and danced till I was out of breath, the birthday and family celebrations where only ‘good music’ was allowed, the live concerts where all that mattered was nothing; how I cried with good and bad memories when a song played; how hours went by with my favorite playlist on. If you can relate to any of this, then you are certainly a music enthusiast.

Hate the Disease, Not the Patient - World Aids Day

For a very long time all those diagnosed with AIDS have been discriminated against by our society. Ostracism, humiliation and mistreatment at the hands of family members, doctors and society is becoming very prevalent. This article discusses that whether we need to practice a differential approach /treatment towards people with HIV or not.