Mixed Feelings - The Inhuman state of our Nation


I've heard, seen, read, argued and thought too much now. I am fed up - of all the pity and sympathy, of all the blames, of all the discrimination.

What wrong had the girl done? She was born a girl, is that it? Her parents didn't kill her, is that it? She was an independent and educated individual, is that it? The entire description of the incident made me cry. I am hurt, sad and angry.

Hurt at the heinous crime done by those 5 men. Hurt at the state the girl is in. Hurt, because it could've been me.

I am angry at this patriarchal society that considers men to be supremely powerful. Of what use is that power when they can't even control their own libidos, I ask? Angry at the society that blames a girl's attire for a man's unacceptable behavior. Wearing a dress/skirt is an open invitation for rapists and molestation, is what they say. If that were so, middle east nations wouldn't have any such crimes, right? But they do. I am angry at all those policemen who think that if a girl was 'really' raped she wouldn't file a complain in order to protect her honor and because she complains, she was never raped - its only to get money or attention.

I am sad at the state of women in the country where goddesses are worshiped. Sad for the women who can do nothing to protect themselves or even speak out loud when they are victims of such crimes. Sad, because I can do nothing to give that girl a normal life.

So, here's what I think. I have known men who do not judge a girl/woman by the dress she wears. Men, who no matter however drunk have never ever taken advantage or even looked at a girl with lust in their eyes. I have known men who are chivalrous and have respect for a woman, no matter what age. I am not taking sides here, but let us not blame the entire race for a crime committed by indigenous animals.

Women create a home out of a house, we bring new life into this world, it is only because of us that the entire world is running so smoothly. If we stopped doing 'things', the human race would cease to exist. We may be a bitch, we may be characterless, we maybe be sluts, we may be anything to the world - but we are not inhuman. We aren't animals. We don't rape an innocent guy in a moving bus for 40 minutes and then trash his nude body on the road. And for those who think that girls invite problems for themselves by attiring provocatively, getting drunk at a disco/party, smoking openly,  speaking slang, having boyfriend(s) or eating chowmien; go and get a treatment for yourself. YOU are SICK. It is not the girl who is the problem, it is the attitude of those men who can think nothing more of a woman than a sex object. She is there only for having fun, warming his bed, giving him babies and even taking physical abuse because he's stressed or frustrated. Grow up people, get your heads straight. If you don't, maybe she'll lose her patience and give you the bird - in all possible ways.

You might have signed petitions, tweeted, discussed and have had updates on your wall about this issue and how you feel. But, will any of it bring about a change? I am not very positive about it. Still, I can only be hopeful that if I have son; he doesn't call a girl "Maal", he doesn't have 10 girlfriends only for time pass, he knows his limits with any woman he's with, he respects women and lives up to my expectations. I am hopeful that if each one of us pledged this, our society wouldn't fear men and our girls would be free.

Do your bit and you'll see the change (hopefully).

Signing off,

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  1. Hi Nitisha,

    A sad and painful story, to say the least. India needs to wake up as well grow out of its current degraded state. Heart touching post.


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    1. Hi Jay,

      Agree with you and thank for your comment. Please share it and spread my word. That's the least we can do.



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