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Exploring Culture, Art and History

When you're bitten by the travel bug, there's no stopping for a wanderer. I recently took a trip to Varanasi, Agra and Lucknow - exploring the cities, their stories, their quirks and their glory. 

While the cities were very different from each other in a few contexts, the things that bound them together was depth - of faith, of beauty, of culture, of royalty, of art. I've tried to capture them in my own weird way, exposing all of it. 

1. The Creation

2. The Details

3. The History

4. The Constant

5. The Cage

6. The Color

7. The Strength

8. The Maze

9. The Curve

10. The Bottoms Up

11. The Perfection

12. The Linings

13. The Doors

14. The Uniqueness

Each of these captures has a story to tell, it could be very different from my perspective of them. In case you want to share your thought, do reach out. After all, artists grow and learn by sharing.