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The Superwoman

I kept staring at the picture of the lady, admiring her broad smile, charm, shyness and gracefulness. She seemed to be around 16. It seemed unbelievable. Why? She was my mother. It was not the young vibrant face but what had become of her that made it difficult to believe what she once was. To me (and my father of course) she is still the most beautiful woman in the world. But now that I am quite mature (very unlikely) I find myself wondering about the thoughts my mother would’ve had when she was my age. Her dreams, wishes, aspirations and thoughts- what has become of them? I'll tell you. It all got lost. How? 
She was eighteen when she had me. At twenty my brother came along. Her world revolved around us from the start. Family obligations were there but her children always had the priority. She literally fought with my grandparents to get me admitted into an English medium school (I’m a girl remember?). Not even for a second did my brother and I realize that we were from a midd…

Exam ke 7 FunDayz

The depressed and cursing status updates on Facebook motivated me in writing this article. Why is it that when exams are around the corner the only expressions to be seen is a sad one? I find exams to be a very exciting time. How? Here is a list of reasons why I find Exams to be fun. If you all have observed it too then very well; else apply them in your exam schedule and you will find your frowns turning upside down.
I have always had a craving for delicious food during exams. My mom used to prepare my favourite delicacies the day before my papers. How I loved it. Even now, though I live in a hostel I always have a stock of chocolates and cakes during my semesters. Believe me- A satisfied stomach has a studious mind. P.S.- Alcohol doesn't count in this category.Keeping the study space spotlessly clean. Have the exam timetable right in front of your eyes. I know boys; you will find this the most difficult thing (to believe and to put to practice) in the list. But trust me, doing t…