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Journey of My Life

As the gentle breeze touched me, A chill ran down my spine, What had become of me, I knew not, Right or wrong, I had to move on The journey of my life.
Answers I had to give, Consequences I had to bear, Carry the burden of a broken heart, Of memories that will tear me apart, Throughout the journey of my life.
This trembling path upon which I'd set, The fear of loneliness engulfed me, Haunting me with the times I had to regret, Holding me back in the darkness, forbidding me from moving on The journey of my life.
There he stood with his fingers entangling mine, Never had I felt a touch so divine, With promise in his eyes and love in his heart, Only a leap of faith was needed to make a new start, Of the journey of my life.
Embraced me like a new born bird, Filled me with hopes and desires, Provided warmth and comfort, the words he said To rise and shine the strength I had gained, For the journey of my life.
Like a true blessing he had come, To rescue me from the chains of false belief and pretence, With him by…

‘The Bird’- Flu

If you are thinking that this post will give you the reasons or complete assessment of the Bird Flu disease, then I’m sorry for shattering of your hopes. This post is being written in a frustrated state of mind and an aching stomach which has been deprived of the ecstatic taste of non-veg food (egg n chicken). I am by nature a very skeptic person and that’s why, in spite of my friends encouraging me to have non-vegetarian food by following their footsteps has been in vain.