‘The Bird’- Flu

If you are thinking that this post will give you the reasons or complete assessment of the Bird Flu disease, then I’m sorry for shattering of your hopes. This post is being written in a frustrated state of mind and an aching stomach which has been deprived of the ecstatic taste of non-veg food (egg n chicken). I am by nature a very skeptic person and that’s why, in spite of my friends encouraging me to have non-vegetarian food by following their footsteps has been in vain.

And as I sat pondering over the thoughts which my taste buds once relished, I said to me-“Which bird is referred to when you say ‘flipping the bird’? You see among the kinds of birds most popular- the bird on our hands finds its best use only second to the birds we eat. This one bird is promoted through t shirts, television, magazines, story books, posters, social networking sites, newspapers and other forms of entertainment.

For those who have yet not related to anything I’ve said above, let me clarify. The bird is another name given to the elaborate show of the famous finger which is counted third from each end and everyone possesses it. The known term associated with the bird is referred to as ‘FCUK’. Yeah, now you got it- Congrats! Still I don’t get many things. No matter however it is jumbled anyone can read it. So what’s the point in doing it?? I mean who decides? How come only one finger is the bad finger? ;)

WTF, FTW, F*** and other versions of the word is familiar to the people in the age group of 10 and above. A new trend that has been observed is that of introducing this well acknowledged word between words like- awe-fucking-some, abso-fucking-lutely, fucking freaking awsum and the like.

Using the bird while communicating has become so much of a style statement that no longer is it considered as foul language. The so called educated people have changed the very definition of the word, creating the flu which I’ve formerly reasoned. Uttering the bird word among peers might be considered friendly (only among guys). With girls it is different. You so much utter the word- they’ll be down each other’s throats, fighting like wild cats in the arena. :P Showing off your verbal ability by saying the bird word in front of autowalas, sabjiwalas, chaiwalas, panwalas or people who don’t even understand its meaning is certainly foolish. This bird flu if once acquired resides in a person for life, contaminating every sphere of a person’s life. It sucks (read fucks) the crap out of them.

I’m not taking a moral high ground here. I’m no person to advice anyone on matters of speech. India is a democratic country with the freedom of speech to all n sundry. To prevent this bird flu, one can think of it in this way-using the word frequently reduces its importance. It’s a special word and should be reserved to be rewarded to a deserving individual in an important situation. The next time you wanna award it to someone, think for a sec- will the person be able to maintain the high reputation of the bird word? Is he capable to live up to the expectation of the fucking word ‘fuck’?

The economic times once stated-“ a person who can use’ fish’ instead of ‘fuck’ in their conversation is qualified to become a Human Resources personnel.” Now since my aim is the same, I try to limit my use of the word, and stay away from the ‘Bird Flu’. You should try too.
Spread the word and make everyone aware of this Bird-Flu.

Signing off,


  1. GR8 job!!!And as u say itz really impt 2 use dose words 4 d most deserved 1 n try 2 minimize itz usage in r social lyf..:)luvin ur blog...:)
    keep writin..!!!:)...:)

  2. Hey - Thanks for that information. Every abbreviation can have multiple expanded versions. It all depends on the people's thinking. Right?

  3. Its really irritating to hear this F word from frnds as if it isa common or say sm ordinary slang that can be used anytym in any condition just to show yr attitude and yes of course tht so called Coolness .. I dnt like this bt cnt stop others and on social networking sites its impossible to escape this small,cute lil word which has become a part of day to day conversation... grrrr


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