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JY Photo Series - Through My lens

Jagriti Yatra is a 15 day train journey through 12 cities, meeting 12 role models, traversing 8000 kms across India with 480 strangers. Its foundation lies in the concept on building India through enterprise. 
The Yatra is one of a kind experience that will change you, motivate you, stir your emotions, question your reasoning, make you think differently, pull you into a box while pushing you out of it, inspire you, move you and all of this in just 15 days! 
This is my attempt at capturing the essence of the Jagriti Yatra 2016 only through pictures. Each of them has a story to tell - in case you want to listen to them, do drop in a comment and I'll get back to you! 
Note - Please give the due credits in case you want to use these for any purpose. They were not taken from a DSLR, only a good phone with inbuilt filters. 
Clickture #1 - The Hope, Gram Vikas, Berhampur
Clickture #2 - The Decision, Royally unique chessboard, Madurai
Clickture #3 - The Beauty, Deoria Clickture #4 - The Perspect…

To the Movement and The Constant

To weird handshakes that turned into hugs
To the numerous feelings that moved our mind and hearts
To being with others and yet being yourself
To reluctant conversations that stirred learning
To the storm in our head, the fire in the heart
To getting started at the hint of dawn
To the push that was required and the pull that we overcame
To the conflicting minds that found solace
To the music, the laughter, the tears, the feels
To the movement - that was the train, and
To the constant - that became of us. Jagriti Yatra 2016.
Signing off, Nitsy