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The Chickipedia Alert #1 - 7 Mantras for the Super Date

The new college session has begun. The instant crushes, a month long infatuation, the peer pressure to have a so called ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ will welcome these newbie’s at college. I don’t know about girls, but guys will need to care about a few things to make remarkably splendid first impressions. Why? Because there will always be more guys, but the number of worth dating girls in any college is always limited. True fact.

Anyways, my main focus here is making guys aware of the points to make a note of while going on a date/dinner/coffee/outing with any girl – mothers and sisters may be exceptions.
1. Don’t try too hard – Guys look foolish and desperate when they become too obvious. Of course you’ll have to make the first move, but try being a little subtle. This way you’ll know whether she’s interested or not. Girls are good at giving hints.
2. Show off is bad – Trying to flaunt your new iPhone or Samsung tab may not work now. Girls are comparatively less tech savvy and hence won…

The Bondage Of A Reserved India: Demerits Of Being A “Forward Caste”

I was irritated. Going all the way to Kolkata for an exam where I didn’t even have a substantial chance of getting through seemed meaningless. Nevertheless, I did; with no preparation whatsoever. A government exam where applications were accepted in lakhs had only 100 seats, 50 of which were reserved. This system of our country confused me. Here’s why.
I come from a lower middle class family. My father still works 10 hours a day to earn a meager Rs. 15,000. We don’t have a maid and my mother does all the household chores. Can you imagine what my parents went through to make their daughter an engineer? My relatives can’t, the society can’t and neither can the government. There are several parents like mine who have faced all the hurdles to educate their sons and daughters so that they have a bright future. But when this hard core reservation system of the country takes away an opportunity from the deserving ones, there is no one to hear the plight of those poor parents and their child…