The Chickipedia Alert #1 - 7 Mantras for the Super Date

The new college session has begun. The instant crushes, a month long infatuation, the peer pressure to have a so called ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ will welcome these newbie’s at college. I don’t know about girls, but guys will need to care about a few things to make remarkably splendid first impressions. Why? Because there will always be more guys, but the number of worth dating girls in any college is always limited. True fact.

Anyways, my main focus here is making guys aware of the points to make a note of while going on a date/dinner/coffee/outing with any girl – mothers and sisters may be exceptions.

1. Don’t try too hard – Guys look foolish and desperate when they become too obvious. Of course you’ll have to make the first move, but try being a little subtle. This way you’ll know whether she’s interested or not. Girls are good at giving hints. 

2. Show off is bad – Trying to flaunt your new iPhone or Samsung tab may not work now. Girls are comparatively less tech savvy and hence won’t be fascinated by this stunt.

3. Sober n stylish is the new attraction – You might find this surprising, but nothing captivates a lady’s heart more than a mature and chivalrous guy. Shades of formal with stylish accessories will certainly make a mark.

4.  Accessorize smartly – This is the only area where guys have a wide range for selection and diversity. Shoes and wristwatches are very important and need to be perfectly complementing your attire. They define your personality. Too many bracelets, bands and ear piercings can be major turnoffs.

5. Dancing is good – It’s good to have a few slick dance moves up your sleeve in the time of need. Girls get swayed by a few boogie steps here and there.

6. If a girl insists, let her pay – Yes, I’m most confident about this tip. Don’t be amazed. Doing this will show her that you respect her independence and are not threatened by her identity in any way.

7. No alcohol or smoking – Even if you’re addicted, don’t let her know it. Though girls like to explore the wild side herself, still this topic should be off limits on a first date.

If any of these tips help you, do thank me guys. I’ll be happier than ever. In the end, a KISS tip – Keep it Simple Silly!

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  1. The sad irony is that I know all these tips naturally but the difficult part is finding and girl for a date. What to do on date after finding one is not rocket science. So give us tips to pick up Indian girls.

  2. Hi Shamanth - Thanks for your comment. :) And I thought picking up Indian girls isn't difficult. Great bikes, money in your pocket and the correct attitude will certainly help you in getting a girlfriend. As for tips, I wouldn't know much, cause you see I haven't picked up any girls. ;P And these tips might help you some way or the other in picking up girls too, if followed correctly.

  3. I don't know why I'm getting the feeling that you're projecting a certain "misunderstood" image about girls. You know "great bikes, money in your pocket...". It is a little degrading in a way.. don't you think? Anyway as you mentioned the correct attitude is most essential in any case.

  4. Hi Ram - Thanks for your comment. This post is meant to be a light read and is only to help guys stay a little ahead of the competition. I'm a girl too, so whatever remarks I make are from personal experience. You did watch 'Pyaar ka Punchnaama' right? Also, I'm glad to see a guy defending girls. Respect!


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