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North East - A Trip To Remember!

It was one night in the middle of August that I suddenly started planning a trip. I didn’t know where I wanted to go but just that I needed to travel. The concept of solo traveling has intrigued me for quite some time and hence I was inclined to take it up and plan something for Kerala. I got on a call with my friend Ishaan and told him about this. He and a few other friends were planning a trip to the North East and shared the idea of me joining them for that trip.
In my 25 years of existence on Earth, I have never traveled with friends for a week long holiday. Yes! You read that right. I have the same excuse as many of us – didn’t have time, too much work, no money. But suddenly neither of these mattered anymore. I was thrilled by Ishaan’s proposal and decided to take this up. And I couldn’t have been gladder that I did! This trip has been my savior in so many ways that I can’t even count. It has a been a trip of experiencing and exploring beauty, nature, serenity, peace, friendship…