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It's Complicated!

Have you ever looked at your ex-boyfriend and wondered –“Was I drunk the entire relationship?” 
And have you ever looked at your girlfriend (cause you don’t want an ex prefixed, trust me) and wondered – “Oh my God, she’s like a thousand tabs open in a single browser, all the time!!) 
Despite this, according to the Center of Statistics which I just made up, 40% of the nation’s population is in Love. And that’s just the stretch on Park Street during weekends.

Every one of my friends is either in a relationship or getting married and having babies. And I’m just over here – having cake and getting fat even for my trackpants. So Yes, for me – It is complicated. All the hype about Love and relationships is nauseating for me. Having to look perfect all the time with a happydent smile on your face as if love was all that mattered? Arrgghhh!! Who are we trying to fool? 
Gone are the days when love fluttered with butterflies in your stomach and violins in your ears. Today, the list of prerequis…