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Are you LinkedIn correctly?

LinkedIn is a social networking site meant for professionals, but the student community too can reap several benefits from it. It is disheartening to see that the percentage of students on LinkedIn is comparatively lower than those on Facebook or Twitter. And those who do join aren't aware of the ways to connect effectively and use this excellent platform to their advantage. So here’s what students can do to establish a tangible online presence on LinkedIn.
1.LinkedIn is no Facebook: Always showcase yourself as a professional. Have a suitable email. Revealing too much personal information is not required. Your picture should also be a simple one (above shoulders) with clarity and a smile. 2. Profile matters: Don’t skip on the summary. Fill out all the essential details like – school, college, skills, activities, links to your blog etc. Also add any internship (paid or unpaid) or volunteer work experience. Highlight your role and include your skills. 3. Connect and Expand: Star…

Far Away

Only yesterday we walked the streets hand in hand, Now, you are so far away.
From dusk to dawn, not a moment goes by When the memories of our time together doesn't moisten my eyes, Over a cup of tea, a soulful song, Or when the winds flirts with my hair as I walk along.
Do you miss me too, like I do?
How mush more shall I endure Before I can be assured, That soon shall the time come When you will hold me tight, And my face will be gleaming bright.
Hearing your voice makes my heart ache, I tremble with goosebumps Longing to feel you my loved one. 
I don't know how to you these words may seem, But words are all I have And all I can give From so far away....
Signing off, Nitsy

The Curious Case of India - Shining or Burning?

I am an Indian. I wake up every morning with the smell of black coffee and French toast by my bed-side. The daily newspaper comes even before brushing my teeth in my priority list. I suit up and drive in a chauffeur driven car to my office which is in the 22nd floor of the tall and elegant building with shiny windows and 24x7 security. I use the lift, enter the office, into my air-conditioned room and order my secretary to come in. I look over my schedule for the day, arrange/cancel meetings with corporate slaves like me and then go onto thinking ways to make more money with few investments. I take a flight for a business meeting and am home with invitations to a high class business party. My wife gets into a designer outfit, complaining all along how she hasn't bought a dress this week. I ignore her gab as I’m busy working a deal over iPhone. We drive to the party, have the usual chit chat with colleagues about world and politics, enjoy a few drinks and return home. My children …

Changing Times, Changing Minds or both?

There are some people in everyone’s life that they look up to and want to become like them when they grow up. I never had one because I never wanted to be like someone else. Instead, I always searched for inspirations; people who would inspire me in my way of life. Barkha Dutt has been one of them since my teens. Her courage to speak for what’s right, her style of judgment, condemnation, oration or even a simple talk is so exceptional that she takes the thinking of the audience to an entirely different level. But meeting someone in real life who inspires you is a different feeling altogether. 
I had always thought that engineering would make a difference in my life and it certainly lived up to its expectations. I met many people – some of them are the dearest of friends now. But there are two people who have influenced my life and my thinking profoundly. They are Sujit Mahapatra and Harsh Snehanshu.
Sujit.Yes, that’s what he likes being addressed as. I met him in my MBA coaching clas…

Facebook 1O1

Facebook has revolutionized the world in many a ways. But for the youth, it still remains a means of having fun, spending time with friends, showing off and sharing stuff. Now, those of you who curious about this ‘Fun’ I've stated, this post is specifically meant for you all. I was bitten by the Facebook bug three years ago and so whatever I’m about to say is on a ‘Been there, done that’ basis. If you are addicted to Facebook and genuinely want to enhance your social networking status, read on.
1. Why do you think it’s called ‘Facebook’? Now don’t over think. It is because people want to see your face and not the pictures of famous people. For that they have Google. Click a picture of yourself and update it now.
2. Now, not any snap should be posted as a profile picture. It’s because people judge you by your display pic. These days there are companies who hire individuals on the basis of their social networking profiles. Therefore, you need to be cautious. Fake pictures like tha…