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Facebook has revolutionized the world in many a ways. But for the youth, it still remains a means of having fun, spending time with friends, showing off and sharing stuff. Now, those of you who curious about this ‘Fun’ I've stated, this post is specifically meant for you all.
I was bitten by the Facebook bug three years ago and so whatever I’m about to say is on a ‘Been there, done that’ basis. If you are addicted to Facebook and genuinely want to enhance your social networking status, read on.

1. Why do you think it’s called ‘Facebook’? Now don’t over think. It is because people want to see your face and not the pictures of famous people. For that they have Google. Click a picture of yourself and update it now.

2. Now, not any snap should be posted as a profile picture. It’s because people judge you by your display pic. These days there are companies who hire individuals on the basis of their social networking profiles. Therefore, you need to be cautious. Fake pictures like that of your twin are unacceptable too.

3. Keep updating your profile quarterly – especially your work, college, school and location. This will enable more people to find you easily. Afraid of your ex's? Get over it. 

4. The news feed says – ‘What’s on your mind?’ It doesn't ask for your activities update. “I’m going to the loo”, “Had an awesome bath”,”Feeling sad, sick, tired”, “Good night, morning” and other similar stupid updates makes one look like a fool. It is not mandatory to write a status. Update only when you really have something on your mind or you want to share your views on something. 

5. Never tag people in posts not relevant to them - like that of festivals, good morning, good night, sweet babies and any quotes. Tagging people in photos where they aren't present is also a big NO. It is spamming. Doing this may result in people un-friending, unsubscribing or even blocking you.

6. You don’t need to upload each and every picture of yours on Facebook. At least try to exclude those pictures which are either blurred or defective in any way and need serious cropping of the surroundings. I know snaps are the best way to retain memories but everything doesn't need to be on FB, right?

7. With so many applications being launched everyday it is difficult to keep all that curiosity within you. Right? When will I get married, my death date, the celebrity I resemble, the meaning of my name, Love percentage and many other such applications are being used by individuals every day. But, is posting the result to Facebook necessary? It may be fun for you but your friends and subscribers are hardly interested in them. Avoid publishing application results on your wall.

8. I got the greatest number of likes on a pic of mine last month. It felt naice!! But asking your friends to like your pic is idiotic. Also, like only those pics, statuses and links which you genuinely like and not because others have liked it. Don’t be amazed at 155+ likes on your best friend’s picture. It might be because she has 1000+ friends.

9. Poke, Block, Unfriend and Unsubscribe are very powerful FB tools. Use them wisely and effectively.

Lastly, it’s your Facebook profile. Don’t give a damn about others, cause ‘When you've got, you flaunt it’.

Signing off,

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