GoodBye Blue Sky

The day has eventually come. It had to.

Don't worry people. This is not another prediction about the end of days in 2012. This post is dedicated to all my friends who are sailing in the same boat as me- for all those whose college life will end this summer.

'Rock On' and 'Party abhi baaki hain' jaise songs will no longer relate to us.The chances that we have taken to work with some MNC we will have to dance to its tunes only.College wali 'Zindagi na Milegi Dobara'.So before finally saying Goodbye to the Blue Sky(ies) here are some things that one should certainly do :
  • Sleep.Sleep.Sleep. Kyonki Din ka chain and Raaton ki neend will be gone forever.
  • Get really really Drunk !! Because this is the last time you will do so without worrying about a hangover.
  • Click as many pictures as u can, coz this will be your best option for an 'Action Replay' .
  • Take a deep breath- and utter as many socially unacceptable words(Slangs) and name calling, coz  while in job it will be considered as harassment.
  • Eat as much Junk as you can. The penultimate time has passed and the ultimate time will be spent managing the fat belly( for guys) and enhancing the curves( for girls).
  • Create funny dancing steps and dance your heart out to the tunes of Munni, Sheila and Chickni because in the coming years you will dance for sure; but the steps will be someone else's.
  • If you haven't fallen in mutual Love with someone, then don't bother anymore. Being Single is pretty good too !!
  • Try freaky hairstyles and crazy outfits. Atleast you'll look cool for a few more months before becoming a slave. ;)
  • Stop Studying. I don't mean get a backlog, but still- enjoy with your friends as much as you can coz when you'll look back, marks won't make you laugh but memories will. :)
  • Finally, do all those things that u've been embarrassed to do. This might be your last chance before entering the workplace Hell.                                                                                                                     
If you could relate to this post do share it with your friends.Your valuable comments are most welcome. :)

Signing off,
Nitsy :)


  1. yep wld make it a point to do atleat sme of the thngs i din do..nice wrk ..:)

  2. Things to do... for sure ;) Nicely packed... Lolzz for the "Eat as much as u can.." and Winks for "Take a deep breath.."
    And yes after havin done all these.. u can still have scope for fun at work ;)
    Do it ur way ;)

  3. The most common thought to discuss and mourn about your lyf that your days at college are going to be over, yet never done.
    All we think is about the three lettered word "JOB" in the last phase of actual free life.
    What Dhiraj has written is perfect. But Dhiraj the question is how much fun at work??? 10% / 20 % of cllege fun with all freakouts, picnics, nightouts, stays in friends house....etc and a lot more.
    What all we forget is why to think so hard when it will come when it has and slow.
    I did the same and regert for some reasons...but not all Nitisha. :)
    @ to all my juniors at college
    Rejoice lyf at college. You all will never get this tym back.

  4. College life is different it will never come back wherever we work in future,so enjoy with collegue..Very nice blog..but dont do do somthing more than limit..drink dance eat n enjoy..always blast ..always enjoy.."Ye Zindgi na milegi dobara".all the best nitisha..nice blog.

  5. On the same boat.... Last few days is what we need to let go of ourselves. Awaiting more posts.

  6. It's good...the post will let every one romance their heart but conditions doesn't prevail equal for everyone.

  7. I am so glad dat people related to dis post. Thank you all :)

    Eshaan- The love week post will be out soon :)

    Santosh- Agree with not equal coz i've mentioned things that generally gals aren't supposed to do but we do them nyway. ;)

    Himanshu Bhaiya- we never regret evrythng. We commit mistakes, we learn and we grow.

  8. Hims made me Nostalgic :)
    College days, the days when u can freak out to the maxxx nd still hv no worries etal... The time when u party the entire year and when its semester tym u stay awake whole nights to complete some modules or chapters that wud help u get grades, OMG... hw I miss those times...

    And what makes the college days more special is those special friends whose fate lines some hw intersected with yours to create the small lil magic in ur life... beautiful times to cherish :D

    But lets face it, when College is over... we all, no matter hw mch we DONT want to stay away from each other, we have to part ways at some point of time... U move on to make new friends but Friends from Office are neva gonna be lyk those special, Mad, Crezee, Loving and wat-not frnzz u had at college...

    You shall have to wait for weekends, leaves and all bahana-wahana to meet ur frnzz or do the madness u ve alwez wanted to do cz u cannot BUNK Office :(... Stayin late at office with your new crush at office, odering from dominos or pizza hut and hangin at the Convention hall or Meeting room is nevr as mch fun as u had at college...

    Still life has its ways, Lets enjoy to the best possible ways we can...
    Have fun guys...Keep in touch wd ech odr...
    Keep RaWWWWkin...
    God Bless :)

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