The taste of freedom

Are we really free? What does freedom taste like? This is one question that remains unanswered for every single girl even after 66 years of our country’s independence.

Which freedom should we talk about? Leave alone the fundamental rights stated in the constitution, lately in our country there is not even the freedom to dress or walk anywhere one wants. Are you confused about what I am saying? I am speaking about the freedom which we women are still deprived of. Nelson Mandela said – "Freedom would be meaningless without security at home and in the streets." So is India’s freedom meaningless? Did we fight for nothing?

Women have proved themselves in every field – Sarojini Naidu, Bachendri Pal, Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Indra Nooyi , Kiran Bedi, Meira Kumar, Sania Nehwal, Lata Mangeshkar – the list is really long. And this is only about India. If I start mentioning global names, you will be astonished to have never even heard their names. Amazed? Not only the above names, there are several other women in numerous other career fields who have carved a niche for themselves. Still, women are considered to be weak, vulnerable and fragile. I admit that women aren’t physically comparable to men, but does that make her weak? Does any man have the capacity to bring a new life into this world?

I don’t have anything against men. I am not blaming our country or its laws. Neither am I trying to revolt against the society or its norms. I am just sad, heartbroken and utterly disappointed. Want to know why? A notice board in Ranchi stated – “If girls are seen wearing jeans or walking without dupattas, acid will be thrown on their faces” which was in accordance with the rules made by Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. Who has given them the right to even post such a notice? Why is nothing being done against them? Who is answerable here? There are many such questions that will always remain unanswered.

When a guy roams around the city in his super cool bike and returns home at 11 in the night, no questions are asked. But if a girl works the night shift at a call center, eyebrows are raised. Why? Bande kare to raas leela, Bandiyan kare to character dheela? I only ask people to free their minds. To broaden their thinking so that a healthy society exists where everyone is equal and each individual is given their due credit and life is valued. Parents should teach their sons to respect girls, not their daughters how to dress. The freedom to be educated, to have fun, to be happy and live life queen size is the right of every girl. Give it to her.

It is ironic that even Wikipedia search about ‘Women in India’ highlights dowry, female foeticide, women trafficking, molestation and other issues that show the weak and oppressed side of women. To consider a woman weak is the biggest mistake that can be made by a man. It is the patience, power of resilience, forgiving nature and a tender heart of a woman that makes a home. If she were to start asking her rights and freedom at every single instance of deprivation, family would only be a notion. She bears every pain with a smile on her face and a hope in her heart that all will be well, soon. These days’ girls are the ones who are supporting their parents in spite of being married. So why? Why are girls always considered to be less? Other than the rigid mentality of the society and orthodox mind set of the people, I haven’t been able to identify any new reason. When the youth of the 21st century have shown their capacity with their support in political reforms, then can’t we try bending our inflexible society?

 I read a quote few days back which was –“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”. I gave a wry smile, thought in great depth and found this to be very evident. If I have offended anybody, then I am really glad today, not sorry at all. Freedom will come only to those who have the courage to fight for it. I am doing my part. Are you?

Admire, appreciate and love every woman in your life – daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, wife and friends. Let us try creating an independent India with independent minds.

P.S.: - I’m aware of the multitude questions posed in this post. If you want to have a discussion, feel free to  leave a comment and I will get back to you. Your views are most welcome.

Jai Hind! \m/


  1. hii Nisty, its a nice presentation by you to show the independent of india & mainly considering to the girls. I truly agree with u in some context written by you, but thing is that everyone has to take their own responsibility and bring the amendments in laws. Its not a solution to compare a boy with a gal, its total meaningless. As a right one can do and its being practiced.So its the moral responsible of each one to have concern about their life. I respect your feelings, though we have passed 66th years after indepedence, still we are not free. Its a debate for us to work and bring modification in laws by bringing lokapal and other issues. regarding the dress codes in jharkhad, its a step to protect the gala as well as the culture of india, one should bot forget about the indian culture and myths. if Jhansirani laxmi bai, can fight with saree for freedom, why not we people. its a immature minds with following the western culture. if u see foreigners, they are following the saree tradition. Regarding dowry and family traditions, its the everyone right they can fight for it, a gal can understand her family not to give dowry, let makes others to understand. if u see history, its a tradition, it has to be changed.

  2. Hey Amitav - Thanks for your comment. No offense, but Why do you think that girls in Jharkhand need protection and from whom? What have they done wrong? In our free country, aren't we girls even allowed to attire ourselves the way we want? It is the hypocritical and inequitable society that is the reason behind all this partiality. If western minds were immature, why are they the developed nations and not we? I have nothing against the traditions of our country, but don't you think and we can value our ethics with western outfit on?

  3. U see Niti, there is requirement of bringing some policy towards making the law and order situations, it was the one of requirements for Jharkhand to do so, u can think why it is not in bhubaneswar ?? Its everyone right to have freedom, it should not be limited to dress codes, one should think a step ahead, not holding the odds at all time. I personally respects the gals, but the thing is that the immature minds of gals making the nuisance. One thing i ll say, the western countries are developed by their GDP, new inventions, technology etc, but not by their culture. Delhi is called as the no. of rapist city of world, why not in other cities of india or even in world. just open ur eyes and think broadly.
    Don't misunderstand me, its my personal view in this context. Its really a nice, u r writing and making others to understand the system and culture. thanks for writing.

  4. Thanks for the 'Niti' gesture. :) I am not denying that policy and laws aren't needed, but they will be followed only when the people grow over their orthodox mentality and start respecting other's views. This debate can go on and on without bringing a definite result. I respect your views; but then we have to agree to disagree. Thank you for your comments.

  5. u r most welcome. thanks Niti. keep writing on these articles. Time will definitely knock the door of it. in fact its good, u can have more topics to write by observing the present scenarios. good luck

  6. Do you think women figure high enough in our societal hierarchy to enjoy freedom?

    Answer is 'NO'.

    As the state has grown more arbitrary and corrupt, there are some countervailing trends within society. The French sociologist Louis Dumont famously described Indians as “Homo Hierarchicus.” Certainly, no other civilization had such rigorously elaborated social divisions. The suppression of untouchables in traditional India was far more substantial than that of serfs in medieval Europe. The oppression of women was a constitutive feature of Hindu and Islamic traditions. Unlike Christianity, both encouraged polygamy; one refused to allow widows to re-marry, while the other proscribed women from appearing in public places (including in schools).

    Source: REPUBLIC OF INDIA: The most reckless political experiment in human history


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