Changing Times, Changing Minds or both?

There are some people in everyone’s life that they look up to and want to become like them when they grow up. I never had one because I never wanted to be like someone else. Instead, I always searched for inspirations; people who would inspire me in my way of life. Barkha Dutt has been one of them since my teens. Her courage to speak for what’s right, her style of judgment, condemnation, oration or even a simple talk is so exceptional that she takes the thinking of the audience to an entirely different level. But meeting someone in real life who inspires you is a different feeling altogether. 

I had always thought that engineering would make a difference in my life and it certainly lived up to its expectations. I met many people – some of them are the dearest of friends now. But there are two people who have influenced my life and my thinking profoundly. They are Sujit Mahapatra and Harsh Snehanshu.

Sujit. Yes, that’s what he likes being addressed as. I met him in my MBA coaching classes. He was my English teacher and a fabulous one indeed! He made learning fun. But his teaching is not what inspired me. (I can never be a good teacher cause I’m short-tempered. Shh!) He is the founder of Bakul, an NGO that works towards everything noble that can be done for the society. Based in Bhubaneswar, this foundation has grown extensively and made a mark for itself in the state. With a strong volunteer base and numerous fans, Bakul will soon become a national name. Social entrepreneurship is my career goal and Sujit’s work has shown me that you take all the small opportunities that come before you. For doing something noble, all you need is will and the rest shall follow. Bakul is Sujit’s baby and he is nurturing it well.

Known (because I've met him) author and entrepreneur Harsh has helped me discover the humorous and witty side of me. Being associated with ‘The Witty Shit’ as a campus ambassador not only taught me how to be creative but also instigated my dormant grey matter to rise and shine. I read his first book ‘Oops! I fell in love’ towards the end of my 4th semester and was super happy when he accepted my Facebook request. I wouldn't say that we have been great friends since then, but his writing has encouraged me to write and is one of the key motivations behind this blog. I met him earlier this year when he was on his ‘Route to Roots’ (India Darshan) which is also the name of his upcoming book after the love trilogy. An IIT-Delhi graduate who gave up being a corporate slave to fulfill his dreams - describes Harsh best. An artistic photographer, an avid reader, a passionate writer and an entrepreneur at heart; Harsh is a very humble and sweet person. Having a conversation with him made me realize how candid and uncomplicated great minds are. I want to become one someday.

I know this may seem cheesy but it is meant to show a heartfelt gratitude to both of you. Thank you for being such awesome and mind-blowing people. Someday, I wish I could combine the nobility of Sujit’s work with the innovative ideas of Harsh and do something meaningful in my life.

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