What is your New Year Resolution for 2013?

The year 2012 showed us different aspects of the world, society, nation and its people. I wouldn't say 'Cheers' but yes, we've each tried doing our bit in making our lives more meaningful and satisfactory. So here's presenting ten new year resolutions you can make for making your 2013 a more amazing, fun, relaxing and significantly momentous. Let us all welcome 2013 with a smile on our faces - at least we managed to defeat the Mayans. :) 


  1. But I Love correcting spelling errors :(

    1. Me too, but people have been unfollowing me because of it now. So let's try to keep this habit to ourselves and not impose them on others.

      P.S. - It isn't mandatory to follow these. So go ahead, I know you want to. ;)


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