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When I think of music, I remember the times when I rejoiced and danced till I was out of breath, the birthday and family celebrations where only ‘good music’ was allowed, the live concerts where all that mattered was nothing; how I cried with good and bad memories when a song played; how hours went by with my favorite playlist on. If you can relate to any of this, then you are certainly a music enthusiast.

Music is something which can help us express feelings when words fail to do so. Music is that friend which helps us to not tweet #ForeverAlone. However stupid the generation of 80’s might consider today’s music, I do not consider it as noise. Yes, the music has changed; but so has the world and everything in it. The songs of today portray today’s generation which is why we can connect with them and our parents can’t. The songs of Rockstar and Cocktail got very popular among the youth, it’s because the music was good, really good! But that doesn't mean that the entire generation wants to get drunk, act slutty and break laws. Music is a connection; one between a person’s life and their imagination. So what if it’s unconventional?

I have connected with music and the lyrics of a song since my teens. I used to make fantasy characters with the cloud forms and there was always a song playing in my head. ‘Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hain’ by K.K. is still the favorite of many people. The Gen X appreciates the gazals of Jagjit Singh as well as the remixes by DJ Suketu. That doesn’t mean that the youth is insensible and doesn't know what music is. Yes, R.D. Burman sir, Raj Kapoor sir, Mukesh sir, Srimati Lata Mangeshkar ji and other such legends are the irreplaceable and their music immortal; but times have changed and we need to change with it. Effort goes into the making of each song today too and every singer and genre of music should get their due respect.

Around the world, the nature, scope, composition and creation of music has undergone change; but the essence still remains the same. Be it Metal, Rock or Jazz – there are people who are crazy about it. In India we've seen fans of both Pink Floyd and Indian Ocean, Enrique and Mohit Chauhan, Lady Gaga and Shreya Ghosal, Justin Beiber and Piyush Mishra. Each individual has their own personality and taste for music which they acquire over time. Maybe our parents fail to understand that and hence the controversy. With the ‘Munni Badnaam’ , ‘Sheila ki Jawaani’, ‘Halkat Jawaani’ and ‘Main Sharabi’ songs have we created a not-so-good impressionable impact? What about songs like ‘Nadaan Parinde’, ‘Phir le aaya Dil’, ‘Husna’,‘Ik bagal main’ which have given a completely new definition to the music industry?

I only want to convince the minds of the 80’s that the 21st century music is not all about being loud and songs that depict wrong attitude or behavior, sensuality or support being rebellious. We too are sensitive, caring, loving, religious and respectable souls who are just trying to move peacefully with the world (on our own terms though). Music is all about togetherness; the way each instrument’s sound merges effortlessly with the other creating that soothing effect in our ears, let us forget our differences and appreciate every piece of music the world has ever created and make our lives blissful as ever.

There’s music in silence too and you can hear it when you are completely free.

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  1. nice written.. the 80's minds think that music has changed with time, today's music is not with accordance to people's choice.. but they need to understand that, today's generation has changed, their taste has been changed...

  2. nice....with the age and the world everything has to change....and that's the only thing constant in this world....


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