No. I’m not a fan of Avril Lavigne and neither is this post going to educate you about any of ‘that stuff’. This post is dedicated to all those who have one time or the other been Addicted to something (Myself included).

During my early teens and before joining college, there were only two addictions that I had heard about- Drinking and Smoking. In the words of almost everyone’s parents-“They are most vicious vices that anyone can have”. Smoking and Drinking have a limited crowd, but all the parents are unknown to a world of Addiction that exists in a student community. So here I present before you the list of addictions that might be an exciting nightmare of a student’s life.

First and foremost of them is Facebook. Yes, you’ve read it right. For beginners facebooking can be freakishly addictive. I say this with personal experience for about two years now. The likes, comments and friend requests can be very overwhelming. With facebooking you also get used to the horrifying SMS language. BRB, TTYL, LMAO, ROFL and the like become means of showing off your so called ‘KEWL’ attitude. :P, J, <3 adorn your chats. This addiction can totally mess up your professional life. (That is if you are planning on having one). So Beware.

The second in the list is our most beloved TV Series. From Prison Break, 24, Two n a Half Men, HIMYM, Vampire Diaries, BBT, Supernatural, Boys Before Flowers, Dexter, Spartacus- the list is endless. Each of them has multiple seasons which give students obvious reasons to get hooked onto them. Students get glued to their laptops for 15-20 hours at a stretch watching every second of every episode without being bothered about food or sleep (for guys it’s bathing too). I admit that herein they are not at fault. The series are damn awesome people!! But please remember people that your semester questions will not be these- Does Leonard gets(not get) Penny? or Who gets Elena- Damon or Stefan? or Charlie Sheen’s remarkable comedy or Barney Stinson’s legendary quotes. Keep your head in the right place always. J

The Lie-diction or the concocting of new excuses, stories and ‘dealings’ is third on the list of our concerns. Being able to lie well is an art- nothing dirty here, Clear your heads. I’m talking about the everyday lies that we tell our parents, the made up excuses for bunking college and the false appreciations to get into somebody’s good books. More than being addicted, one gets used to it. Sometimes we just ignore and sometimes it’s difficult even to tell the difference. As time goes by, a student actually becomes prone to telling lies and that is where the problem begins. If you have read this post, you’ve been warned. :O

This one is especially for all the handsome studs out there. One addiction that they have is uttering inappropriate words very casually, i.e. Slangs. You just can’t have two guys converse without the use of the mother-father-brother-sister or ‘The Bird’ (read my post of the Bird-Flu) in their speech. You know what I mean. No offence guys, and yes I hear you’ll. There may be exceptions of course. It becomes so much a part of their lives that it becomes a friendly habit. Guys interact calling out names and the best part is that other guys are usually not offended!! It becomes a matter of laughter and merriment. This addiction amuses and amazes me at the same time. I’ve not yet been able to decide whether it is bad or good. So no comments.

Shakespeare once said- ‘Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so’. So the decision rests upon you all- My Readers. Think and Act. You are welcome to give in your opinions, suggestions and feedback. Share it with your friends and let them Be Aware.

Signing off,


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