Be Dil-Logical !!

When I was 10, I fell in Love. It was so beautiful; felt like Cinderella.
When I was 15, I fell in Love again. This time I was so sure-he was the one. But alas.. 
When I was 20, It happened again. What can I say? I am so loveable I guess!!
Story of my life.

A hearty welcome to the Love Week.

Love is the feeling when all the romantic Bollywood songs seem to have been meant for you. You can’t seem to be apart from your loved one for even a moment. Long hours on the phone make your friends wonder-“ kya baat karte honge?” . Cheesy gifts, adoring attire, special days, fancy dinner, holding hands- all of these make you feel on cloud 9.(the cloud9 drink doesn’t do as much)

I have great respect for people in Love. A salute to them. But after that? The future; right?
I find this very immature, foolish and stupid.
Its not wrong to be in Love but adding a little logic and practicality wouldn’t do anybody harm. Trust yourself on this. ‘If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans’ is a fact. Why make plans for the future with somebody who probably won’t even be in it? Please people, don’t be offended. Just give it some thought …with clarity of course.

I quote one of my friends -‘Puberty is not the sign of growing up, maturity is.’ All of us have done stupid things in our teens, it isn’t necessary to carry on the stupidity forever. Crushes and infatuation have always been there. Mistaking one ‘L’ word for another is undeniable. Come on now…we’re all human beings. Things happen.

Selfless Love is a myth. The movie ‘Pyar ka Punchnaama’ revealed that very explicitly. The movie was a hit among boys and girls unlike those in the movie. ;) Everybody has expectations and too much of it ruins happiness. I’m not against Love. But don’t lose yourself in finding your future with the other. Most of the school and college crowd have the BF/GF merely due to peer pressure, show –off or the worst, for monetary benefits. Many of you are not even with the same person you were a year ago. 

I am no philosopher. I’m a mere victim of this so called Pyaar ka Keeda. But with time go by I’ve become wiser, smarter and stronger. I know what a guy has in mind when he can’t look me in the eye and talk and when he says something he doesn’t mean. I also understand when a guy brings me flowers for no reason, stares at  me making me turn pink and drops by my house at 12 in the night with a chocolate cake.

So did you get my point yet??   Live. Love. Laugh. In the present. No future. For that, there’s Marriage.

Till then - Let Love be in the air yet Be Dillogical!! Happy Valentine Week everyone.


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