Turn On or Turn Off?

With a drink in his hand and a hidden smirk in his face, he approached her. She wasn’t shocked at all for guys had been making passes at her all night, but he was different. Her face lit up in the mildly lighted bar with a glazing smile. 

He wasn’t an Adonis , just the healthy mixture of all the right ingredients to woo a female. Did you know that guys get turned down for very silly reasons which the girl thinks are important? Guys generally tend to overlook these in their pursuit for their leading lady. It is very difficult for Indian men to understand that they’re not some hero and neither will imitating Bollywood stars make them one. Being yourself is the best you can do guys, but remember; not too much. Here are a few examples of how guys are mistaken about ‘Being Cool’. 

  1. Taking the AXE advertisement way too seriously – Please try to be a tad nonchalant with this whole deodorant extravaganza, especially if you use public transport. Girls aren’t gonna throw themselves at you like in the advertisement, so stop bathing with it. 
  2. Drink, don’t stink – This goes for both alcohol and cigarettes. Have a chewing gum after you smoke. Is it that difficult or costly? Also, mouth fresheners were made for a purpose, weren't they? 
  3. Horrendous shoes – Throw out those big bodyguard shoes out of your closet. They hurt a girl’s eye and make you look like a douche bag. Unless, that was what you want her to think. :P 
  4. Aviators do not make you Dabangg – Choose your shades wisely. Not everybody can pull off an aviator look, especially if you’re lanky and they don’t even fit your face and keep sliding down your nose. So not cool. 
  5. Stare, don’t scare – Yes, girls were made pretty so that you can look at them. Checking out the other sex is alright. Girls also do that all the time. Just remember to not scare her away with that lecherous look. Be a little casual, not too obvious to make her flinch. 
  6. Being subtle is the new flirting style – Being artfully refined will take you a long way. Mystery with a hint of sophistication appeals to a girl’s psyche. You would be amazed at the fruits a little shrewdness bears. ;)
Everyone has their personal penchant for a particular genre of people. That is how human beings were designed. This is just to lend a hand to all the guys out there who couldn’t figure out why they didn’t get a second date or why she wouldn’t go out with them in the first place. 

Guys, these may not be the suggestions that will get you an extra edge, but it will definitely aid you in turning on the charm. All the best! 

Signing off,



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