The Perks of being in IT

I couldn’t lie to you, and believe me I wouldn’t. I read somewhere that if you can laugh at yourself then you are growing as an individual. I am in the IT sector for the past 1 year, 123 days and experienced enough to provide a Knowledge Transition (KT) on the very few perks we IT people have.

 1. Who do you think renamed TGIF as ‘The Great Indian Fridays’? Even with the close to peanuts salaries when Salary day and Friday is on the same day, our happiness knows no bounds.

 2. There are days when you get so involved in work that you skip lunch and that phone call from your family. No worries, at the end of the day we get to sit in a chair that rolls! Ain’t that something?

  3. Nobody could beat us in the stamina of eating tandoori chicken at team lunches. We are #ForeverHungry. And you thought that people ate ravenously only at weddings? 

4. We acquire the ‘Never say NO’ attitude. “Stretch your work hours”; “Yes sir”. “Come on weekends”; Yes, sir. “This is your mistake”; Yes Ma’m”. See – never say NO. 

  5. The weekends become important because those are only two days when you are a ‘happy’ person.

 6. Suddenly, Metallica and Linkin Park songs start seeming to be so meaningful. Maybe because you need to hear something louder than those weird voices in your heard telling everybody to shut up.

7. On the Friday evening after filling in your timesheet logs you get you to shut down your system. Power off. Oh! That joy with which the CPU exclaims to get a 2 day peace.

 8. If you have younger siblings, worry not. They can have all the free stationary they want. After all, that’s what you are working for - Incentives. 

9. This one is a biggie. That false consolation that each one of us provides ourselves to stay in the IT sector – the one of going onsite, making a lot of money and coming back with chocolates for the team. 

 10. The key to success is patience; we gain a lot of it! And to help there is a INR 5 – INR 9 thing which went burnt at the tip and placed on the lips between two fingers is the source of power for those in IT mostly in the last week of the month. How did you think we manage those 2 hour calls at 1 in the night over some stupid bracket that was missed? 

These are few of the well deserved freebies we homosapiens in the IT industry receive while on the go. Do you think I missed something? Go ahead and comment! 

Laugh at yourself and Cheers to growing up!

Signing off,

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