Under the Big Top

Yes, I was waiting so eagerly to become a part of this industry, and now that I’m here; I’m confused. 

I have no clue whether it was the right decision to join this IT industry, but I’m exploring – a lot. People, places, habits, behaviors – everything is fascinating me here. I’ve even indulged in a few of them with a hesitant and exciting approach – hope you get the drift. ;)

I had been told that TCS Initial Learning program (ILP) to be the honeymoon period. I enjoyed it too – though not in a way honeymoon is to be enjoyed, but nonetheless. All the technical knowledge was overwhelming for me – that’s because my grey matter isn’t mature enough to tackle all that logical stuff. I had fun in the Business Skills sessions, where I discovered a little more of myself in addition to inculcating the mantras of the corporate sector. 

What’s confusing about all this, you might wonder. It involves people. Human beings are weirdly simple and strangely surprising. This makes things more complicated cause there can be multiple sides to them – whether or not you know the right one is a big question. You can neither be too friendly nor too blunt. The “Think before you speak” quote should be inscribed in your tongue at all times.  It is the business arena, where diplomacy is your key to making successful impressions. 

Amidst the eating disorders and hurting myself with something every single day, Kolkata has given me a few moments of rejoice as well. I met a lot of people some of who became good friends. I also discovered a great many people with excellent flirtation skills who helped me evolve similarly. From cheesy pickup lines to endless sarcasm – I experienced it all. 

Now that I am ‘benching’ my time away, I sometimes wonder what my future is in this industry. I am awestruck by the height of clarity I have regarding it – it’s impeccably blank. I know that I’ve learnt something during my ILP which is worthwhile but putting that in practice is certainly going to be a tough task. I have made a mark everywhere I’ve been and I plan on doing the same here too. 

Amongst all the odds, I know I am going to survive. Afterall, what’s life without a little risk and excitement?

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  1. I never knew TCS has an office in Kolkata; it is indeed refreshing to see someone approach the IT with actual hope :)


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