What not to do in a relationship

It takes two to make or break a relationship. Each one of us have had our share of crushes and infatuations in school and colleges, but being committed in love is a completely different thing altogether. Love is a very powerful emotion and when in love, you need to have proper control over this emotion and handle it with delicacy. There are many things that can be done to keep a relationship strong and moving, but there are also things which may cause differences and create a knot in the bond of love. Be it girls/women or boys/men, these are a must NO DO’s;

  1. Be the boss: Don’t have a ‘Know-it-all’ attitude and tell them what to do. In a relationship the three C’s are very essential – Concern, Care and Comfort, but too much of them will affect any relationship drastically. Your partner should be able to share everything with you and you need to be the listener. Pointing out mistakes, getting defensive, giving directions and anything that makes you appear like the Hitler is a big NO.
  2. Nag, Nag, Nag: If they said they’ll call you in 10 minutes but haven’t called in an hour doesn't mean they’re cheating on you or don’t give you priority. Maybe they’re just too busy. It isn't very difficult to understand once you’re in the same situation. So try keeping yourself in their shoes to get a clearer and broader perspective. Give each other space and freedom dude! A relationship is supposed to be the string of romance, not the rope of suffocation.
  3. Avoid Socializing: Keep in touch with other people. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you shouldn't have friends. Your life shouldn't be limited to your partner – spend time with family and friends too. Don’t shun out your social life because of your gf/bf.
  4. Hide/Ignore your needs: A relationship is where two people grow together while caring for each other’s feelings and needs. Don’t become emotionless because you know that the other won’t understand or you’re too afraid to discuss it. Yes, compromise is a prerequisite for any relationship; but it should be from both sides, not one.
  5. Become dependent: I know the feeling of being drooled over by someone so much that you can’t live a second without them. But that Romeo-Juliet love is for the books only. Don’t let your relationship direct your life. A relationship should be a strong one with love, happiness and all things nice; but if you feel that without this relationship you’re nothing, it’s time to re-think – Are you really in it because of love?
  6. Change yourself: Adjustments are a part of life, so relationships too don’t go untouched. It is always good to change for the better, but only when ‘you’ desire that change. If you don’t like smoking or drinking, then you shouldn't do it even when your partner forces you or to mix with the ‘group’. Not ready for sex? Tell them so. Don’t do anything only to gratify your partner. You have your own principles and values; don’t alter them for someone else. If that someone can’t even appreciate your thinking and recognize your beliefs, then tough tomatoes – it’s time to end it.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings and there are only a few lucky people who get to experience it.  The others aren't that fortunate. Intimate relationships are an indispensable part of everyone’s life and helps one identify them self. One learns to care, compromise, sacrifice, communicate, express, accept, understand and acknowledge – while respecting each other’s individuality.

So people – Love and be loved! Wishing success and prosperity in all your relationships.

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  1. "A relationship is supposed to be the string of romance, not the rope of suffocation."
    Nice One :-)

  2. Nicely written. But if u wrote this blog know, i am pretty much sure you would write it in a different perspective with a more open mind.


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