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Happy Mother's day

 I kept staring at the picture of the lady, admiring her broad smile, charm, shyness and gracefulness. She seemed to be around 16. It seemed unbelievable. Why? She was my mother. It was not the young vibrant face but what had become of her that made it difficult to believe what she once was. To me (and my father of course) she is still the most beautiful woman in the world. But now that I am quite mature (very unlikely) I find myself wondering about the thoughts my mother would’ve had when she was my age. Her dreams, wishes, aspirations and thoughts- what has become of them? I'll tell you. It all got lost. How? 

She was eighteen when she had me. At twenty my brother came along. Her world revolved around us from the start. Family obligations were there but her children always had the priority. She literally fought with my grandparents to get me admitted into an English medium school (I’m a girl remember?). Not even for a second did my brother and I realize that we were from a middle class family. We got anything and everything we wanted. May be that’s the reason why both of us are still pampered individuals who get their way one way or the other.

I know my father wouldn’t mind my saying, that my mother is the primary driving force behind my becoming an Engineer. It was her dream that her daughter be the first girl engineer of the family. Two months Mom and your dream will be realized. J Growing up I never had any ‘Ideals’ to look up to. The reason that I never had any is because I didn’t want to be like anybody else. If you are thinking I have an attitude and ego problem; please get in line...there are hundreds of them before you. But today when I am in pain, all lost and tired of being myself, the one person whom I turn to for advice is my Mother. I open up my heart to her and the world seems less difficult.

I’ve made many mistakes in my teens (who hasn’t?). She has forgiven me every single time (trust me I’ve committed huge mistakes); even supported me through all the repentance for my mistakes. She is the one who has taught me that everything that happens is for the best. We learn growing up. I remember moments when I’ve shouted at her for not being able to understand me. There have been times when her wrath has made me burst into tears. But now when I look back only one thing comes to mind- “How stupid and foolish I was. Had I listened to her, my present would have been so very different.”

She has been there for me no matter what. She has practically sacrificed everything to see me become successfully settled. She has always given- her love, care, happiness and never asked for anything in return. She is the only reason we always crave for home. Isn’t it? For her you are the most important person in the world. So today take out ten minutes from your busy schedule and make your mother feel special. You don’t know how much this would mean to her. Make her feel important. After all it Her day today.

Thank you Mom for making me what I am today. You are the world’s Best Mom and this article is dedicated to you. Love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Signing off,


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