Exam ke 7 FunDayz

The depressed and cursing status updates on Facebook motivated me in writing this article. Why is it that when exams are around the corner the only expressions to be seen is a sad one? I find exams to be a very exciting time. How? Here is a list of reasons why I find Exams to be fun. If you all have observed it too then very well; else apply them in your exam schedule and you will find your frowns turning upside down.

  1.  I have always had a craving for delicious food during exams. My mom used to prepare my favourite delicacies the day before my papers. How I loved it. Even now, though I live in a hostel I always have a stock of chocolates and cakes during my semesters. Believe me- A satisfied stomach has a studious mind. P.S.- Alcohol doesn't count in this category. 
  2.  Keeping the study space spotlessly clean. Have the exam timetable right in front of your eyes. I know boys; you will find this the most difficult thing (to believe and to put to practice) in the list. But trust me, doing this will make you have less headaches and deeply reduce your exam phobia (i.e. - if you have any). It’ll give you peace of mind. (This is by experience and no Ramdev Baba crap).
  3.  Keep a stock of the most hilarious movies and TV series in your systems. We students exhaust ourselves with all the bull shit theories that have no application anywhere in our future. After cramping our brains enough, we might want to do something that gives us hope that- There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of examinations. Video games like Counter strike, NFS, Angry Birds can also serve the purpose for some.
  4. Update your Facebook status after every paper. Try giving sarcastic and bitter remarks about the paper or university. This will achieve two goals. Firstly, it will be a means of getting out the frustration of the paper going bad(assuming they do). Secondly, there will always be friends who’ll comment likewise and like your updates. Knowing that you are not the only one who gives a rat’s ass about exams will make you feel happy about yourself.
  5.  Always ask others-“How was the paper?” and if anybody questions you the same, always answer-“I’ll pass”. This gives confidence to you and others-“If he is confident about clearing the paper, I’ll come out with at least a good grade”. A fact indeed!
  6.   Do not irritate your friends who you know will be the people to get your back in the ninth hour. Ask them doubts so that they feel superior to you. Tell them that you are completely dependent on them. After all this is what friends are for. Am I wrong?
  7.  Fool around with your usual buddies about how much have they studied. “Kitna padhega yaar”, “Tum to topper ho”, Maine to abhi tak start bhi nai kiya hain”, “Kitna hua tera”; do these sound familiar? Have a hearty laugh and tease each other. Since they are the same as you, they won’t mind being disturbed.

If you could relate yourself to even one of the FunDayz mentioned in this article, do share it with your friends. Let everybody know that Exams can be fun too. And if I am not wrong, with friends everything seems tolerable and cheerful. So no more ‘Damn you’ curses for the exams. Welcome your exams with a big broad smile. Say 'YES' to exams. Keep studying, keep enjoying!!

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  1. superlike ...it's d best article i have seen about exam fun & all ... bcz everything is same as my case

  2. Superb... in fact this article is the best one...


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