Who am I?

Shy, timid, soft spoken and obedient - Nopes, that's not me. 

I’m just the girl next door; only with a twist in the end. 
One who is a die hard romantic and a firm believer in love.

One who loves eating ice creams and cries reading a good book.

One who sings out loud in the shower cause nobody can hear her.

One who values friendship and relationship and would go to the extremes for them.

If I had to define myself in three words, they would be Brazen, Idiosyncratic and Sapiosexual. 

Brazen – Yes, I’m a very outspoken person. Some people find it scary, some find it sexy. I find it liberating. When I tell my bestie that she looks fat in pink, its for her own good.

Idiosyncratic – Well, it’s just another fancy word for spontaneously crazy. From a big smile one moment to water works and shrieks another – I get weird sometimes. Illogically stubborn – that’s me.

Sapiosexual – I love striking a witty and sarcastic conversation with someone. It gives me the high. It doesn’t have to be a very intellectual one. The other day I listened to my friend explain the meaning of “Pani da Rang” song to me and I was so entranced that I lost track of time. I hate to admit this but I’m a poor listener and so you can understand how big a deal this was. 

For me life has been one hell of a teacher – the coolest, the most strict, the most unpredictable and the best one I’ve ever had. And of all the lessons it has taught me that ones that’ll make my story would be 
 Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration.  

In a nutshell, I am Nitisha Pandey and my readers call me Nitsy.

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Instagram: - @beingscorpian

If you wanna contribute to my blog or discuss anything, drop a line at nitisha.pandey04@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you. 


  1. Hey! You have a beautiful blog, what design is it?
    Thanks, Rieke :)


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