Teach for India - What and Why

Extensive details regarding the Fellowship and the Organization can be found on the website.

As for the interview process regarding the staff application, you can get in touch with me over mail. I'd be happy to have a discussion. 

Signing off,



  1. Your passion shows..it shows in your tone, your extempore without a pause, the choice of positive words. It is a major decision. You will need tenacity to persist against odds, a conviction in your choice, and sacrifices of all kinds. Being a regular follower of your blog, you following your heart comes as no surprise. In fact on most blogposts where you pride in your rebellious nature (and that is "the" you that everyone knows :-) ), was never for the rebel cause .... this one seems like your calling though. Do post your experiences as you go along the road less travelled. Wish u success...and be assured of support of all kinds u may need

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and following my blog. Would definitely want to know your name and connect with you personally. :)

    2. Really a nice initiative !

  2. why left job join a NGO not wise slary in NGO ???????


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