Hopeful in Love

The first shower of the year was here,
Gave her goosebumps it did indeed.
With a cup of coffee in her hands and tears in her eyes,
Reminiscences of the year that went by took her over.

Hurt and disheartened she was in herself
Clueless about her life.
Lost, she went crying to bed each night,
And soon something inside her snapped.

She was a new person the next morning.
Relaxed she looked with spark in her eyes. 
She flattered herself more than ever, so did many others. 
She had decided to never care again,
But the naive her didn't knew that neither did the world.

Praised and desired by many, loved by none;
She knew she wouldn't feel beautiful anymore.
Given up on the idea of love
Ready she was to settle.

Twists that life had for her couldn't just end.
For someone who believed in love and deserved it
There was always hope. 

And he came by.
Wrapped her in his arms
Brought back her smile with love and happiness,
She was in love again. 

The imperfect him had made her perfect,
His playfulness and charm had won her over.
With him by his side she felt beautiful again. 

The rain had stopped and the sky was clear.
She closed her eyes, wiped her tears and nodded with a big smile;
As he asked her, "Darling, another cup of coffee?"

Signing off,


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