Sex in the Society

I am a fan of western sitcoms and I was utterly disappointed by the number of beeps that undermine all the fun in our television channels. I mean, what is the big deal about sex? It is just a three letter word  which is a big reason for our existence today. We need not be embarrassed by it but rather accept it and move on. But, again this is my opinion.

India is a country of traditions, cultures and values; the public use of even the word ‘Sex’ is considered unethical; right? Can we not see the irony here? The country which is renowned for the creation of ‘Kamasutra – the ultimate guidebook for sex’ considers it a taboo. We certainly did not reach the population of one billion by chance, did we? The distaste for sex when in public is an antiquated scruple imposed on us, but we can never shake off the feeling of wanting sex. So why shy away from it? Sex is considered to be one of the healthiest natural activities and the best form of exercise. It not only acts as a stress buster but also lowers the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. So why not spread the knowledge and discuss openly about something so beneficial like everything else?

Talking about the morality of the Indian society and history, we had had temples like Khajuraho, Ajanta and Konark built to promote the knowledge of sex as a healthy activity. Does this mean all our Gods are promiscuous? This conservative attitude of our society towards sex and has put the nation’s youth in a dilemma. Because they don’t receive proper guidance from parents or in schools, they tend to gather information from all the wrong and cheap sources. This is one of the primary reasons for teen pregnancies, abortions, rapes, molestation cases, increasing number of teens with STD’s etc. There is an urgent need for a structured and unprejudiced format for educating adolescents so that they can elucidate the right knowledge from the right sources. Sex education is the need of the hour.

Sadly, no sex education doesn't mean no sex. The most searched word on the internet in India is ‘Sex’. Why you wonder? It’s because people shun away from even using it publicly leave alone talking about it. It is the curiosity of young minds that forces them to be misled and as a consequence, commit something drastically wrong. We are now in the 21st century; conservativeness should no longer be a reason for being a less developed country. We need to create an open environment for the youth so that they can grow responsibly with proper education about sensitive issues like sex.

Sex is not something which is confined to the bedroom and is used only for reproductive purposes. It is not something we need to feel guilty of and portray our false innocence when the topic is discussed. It is high time that we break the shackles of this social taboo and face it agreeably. It’s not like we don’t have a sweet tooth for sex? Therefore, the society and mainly the youth need to be enlightened on this issue so that they are mature enough to play safe and have fun (when the time is right of course).

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  1. Hi Nitsy,

    It's great to be at your blog and it was interesting to hear your views on sex.

    I do agree it is very ironic that the topic is considered to be taboo, especially when the Kamasutra originated in India.

    1. Hi Hiten - Thank you so much for reading the article. Hope you've shared it too. :)

  2. I believe the origin of sex based sculptures originated in Aihole and from there it spread to other parts of India. In this context the original author of Kamasutra should have originated from this territory, good thought provoking article Nats.

    1. Someone knows their history very well. :) Thank you sir and its Nitsy or Nitisha but not Nats. :P

  3. Hi Nitisha,

    Nice thoughts! talking about sex or even looking at nude pictures (both male and female) has been taboo for a long time I personally believe, mainly because of confining women in their homes, creating mindset that imagines women to be fully covered and respected, and also imposition of religious rituals that prohibit any depiction of women as derogatory. But having said that,ironically we also have cruel and demeaning attitude towards our women. It is just my opinion.

    Attitude about male nudity is still a taboo in the west. It has its own historical reasons.(

    Overall very good blog :-)

  4. I again read my comment, it is misleading. What I meant is - we restrict women and their freedom, expect them to behave in such a way that men respect them, but we seldom teach our boys how to respect women. By imposing something, we actually make people more curious. That is why Indians search more about porn on web. Instead, sex education, and free thinking should be cultivated. Women should be free to do what they want to do. There should be freedom for both men and women to mingle and share thoughts. I think this is very important.

    1. Hi- I'm glad that you retrospected on your previous comment. I completely agree with your second comment - I mean it is in human nature to do things we're told not to. Hence the curiosity of young minds. If the youth are properly educated on this matter, they will have a healthy attitude towards it.
      Thank you for sharing your views. :)

  5. best read blog on this topic... ( I will not write "name" of this topic... I fear, as I am Indian..:-P)


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