Ten Commandments for College Life

COLLEGE- Here I Come !!
Bidding adieu to my college life brought back a lot of memories. Things had changed a lot. Four years had transformed many of my batch mates. They seemed to have become completely different people. I too had evolved, for the better of course. College is an integral part of a student’s life. The mistakes made and the lessons learned will impact one’s future radically. Here are some of the lessons, misconceptions and tips that will help one adjust to the campus life and make him/her smart enough to take on the challenges with a broad smile.

1. Keep your mind wide open. Listen to everyone, but always act upon your thoughts.

2. Getting remarkable grades is good, but the world never ends there. Being involved in extra-curricular activities will always set you apart from the crowd.

3. Showing off is acceptable only when you have something to be proud of. Unnecessary flaunting will only make you look stupid.

4. Just because somebody can speak /talk in English, doesn’t mean they are superior, smarter or more knowledgeable.  Never consider yourself mediocre in any aspect.

5. Studying throughout the semester is not important anymore. Yes, you’ve read it right. In college having the correct concepts with a smart study technique will get one through with a one night study too. Exam ke 7 FunDayz will help you get over your college exams.

6. First impressions matter a lot. Your lab grades are mostly based on it. I’m not asking you to become a teacher’s pet, but a little sweet-talk doesn’t hurt anyone...Right? :)

7. Trying to be real nice and good so that others always praise you is not the exact way to become popular in college. Be who you are, because you don’t know if anyone will ever come to your rescue. College is a very uncertain time and people change colours faster than a chameleon. Don’t worry, you’ll see for yourself.

8. Never trust anyone. Rumours are an essential part of a college life. They add a spoonful of spices in the mundane routine of boring lectures. You will hear all sorts of things about all sorts of people. Be involved, enjoy the moments; but never ever believe in them and form opinions about people for you never know when you will be the victim.

9. Every student in college has Attitude. Its demonstration in the right place and at the right time is imperative. This differentiates the desperate from the diplomatic.

10.Don’t let your pride come in the way of making friends. For four years of your life these friends will be there to laugh with you, celebrate your victories, share your stupid jokes and be there for you in every way they can.  You will discover new dimensions of your friends throughout, don’t be amazed; it only means that you’ll are coming closer.

Whatever I have said, they are from experience. Don’t be hesitant to follow them or even reject them at your will. Different students may have diverse encounters in their college life. This is my trivial effort to help other college students and guide them in an appropriate direction. If you have anything else to share or suggest, feel free to leave comments below.

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